Arranging Finance

Arranging Finance for a New or Used Scaffolding Truck

Aside from their staff and scaffolding materials, the most important asset to a scaffolding contractor is their vehicle fleet. Without this, how would you transport staff and materials, carrying out site visits, or attend quotations? It’s vital to ensure materials and staff members get to site safely, therefore arranging finance for your business’ vehicle fleet is so important.

Another crucial factor in having an up-to-date fleet is your branding. I see many scaffolding contractors on the road, and I always take notice of the branding on their trucks and vans. A clean and modern sign-written van or scaffolding truck will no doubt result in future business.

Arranging Hire Purchase Finance

As we all know by now, most vehicles we see on the road are depreciating assets. Therefore, apart from scaffolding leasing agreements for materials, vans and trucks are the most common asset that Scaffold Finance, can finance.

The chances are that if you are reading this blog, then you have either financed a van or truck for your business. The most common form of finance is Hire Purchase.

Depending on the age of the vehicle, you can spread the finance over a seven-year term.

The key features of a hire purchase agreement are;

  • There is usually an upfront deposit – This tends to be 10%, but it can be larger if you’d like. Along with the deposit, all the VAT is payable upfront. However, the VAT element can be deferred by a maximum of three months.
  • Option to Purchase fee – The other key feature happens at the end of the finance agreement. There is an Option to Purchase fee of £100 + VAT – £150 + VAT to pay, which will then transfer ownership of the vehicle from the finance company to you. Another key benefit is that the vehicle will appear on your balance sheet as an asset. This will also help built credit for future funding requirements.

Finance Lease

Another form of finance, albeit far less common for scaffolding vehicles, is a finance lease. With this type of scaffolding finance, you will have the opportunity to keep the vehicle at the end of the finance. Alternatively, you can return the vehicle, or continue to rent the vehicle at a reduced monthly cost.

Scaffold Finance can also finance additions such as protective flooring, internal vehicle racking, cab modifications, HIAB additions, and any flatbed modifications.

To see how the complete process works when financing a van or truck for your business, click here.

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