Scaffolding Leasing Division

Scaffolding Leasing Division at Scaffold Finance

At Scaffold Finance, we lease several different bits of equipment including scaffolding tubes and boards, CCTV, and software. These can all be financed through our Scaffolding Leasing Division here at Scaffold Finance. In the scaffolding industry there are several factors that we think puts leasing and financing above hiring and buying equipment which will be covered later on in this blog. However, the scaffolding industry is also growing and expanding all the time. As an industry, we are also very far from being a low-tech based one. This is one of the main reasons why Scaffold Finance can lease equipment like drones, because of the increasing demand for such high-tech equipment. We are glad to be part of such an ever-growing industry, and therefore our scaffolding leasing division is so important.

Scaffolding Leasing Division

Finance your scaffolding kit quickly, easily, and cheaply through our Scaffolding Leasing Division here at Scaffold Finance. There are many benefits to leasing your scaffolding equipment, such as being able to own the equipment at the end of the lease deal, as well as not having to take back the equipment to the hirers yard, allowing you to keep it on your site throughout the agreement. This improves efficiency and makes it a lot easier for you to get on with the job! If you were to hire the equipment you could have issues with broken or lost kit, whereas at Scaffold Finance we look for quick and easy ways to sort any problems you might have. Additionally, there are tax advantages to scaffold leasing, where 100% of your rental is deductible against your company’s corporation tax.

Scaffolding Equipment

We have a wide range of types of equipment we can help you lease. These are:

  • Scaffolding tubes
  • Scaffolding boards
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Drones
  • Modular buildings
  • CCTV
  • Software
  • IT equipment
  • Business loans

How do you lease/finance equipment?

In order to lease/finance equipment we have a dedicated leasing process on our leasing hub to show you just how it works here at Scaffold Finance. This process is attached below.

Scaffolding Leasing Division

Leasing FAQs

  • How long can you lease over? – One to five years in duration. Most scaffolding companies will lease over two or three years.
  • I am an established scaffolding business with over 3 years trading wanting to lease, what information do you need? – Often, we just look at the information in the public domain at Companies House. However, there are times when we will ask to see bank statements, last year’s full audited accounts and management accounts.
  • What happens if the equipment on lease gets stolen? – Your insurance company will pay you out, you then replace the equipment and inform WestWon. We will then inform the finance company you pay your rentals to.
  • How cheap are your lease rates? – We do not normally lose business because we are too expensive. Our view is to give cheap lease rates and make sure we do more business together in the future.

Contact our Scaffolding Leasing Division

Here at Scaffold Finance, our leasing hub division is always happy to help with any scaffolding needs you may have. If you are still unsure or want to get in touch with us about any assets we can finance, then please give us a call on 01494 506 383 and we would be happy to chat with you! Alternatively, email us on

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