Scaffolding leasing

Scaffolding Leasing is on the Rise!

Here at Scaffold Finance we understand the importance of being able to lease your equipment, and we want to show you why it could be beneficial to your company. Thanks to Scaffold Finance’s almost 20 years in the scaffolding leasing industry, we are confident that we are the best choice to help you fund your equipment. Due to several factors including maintaining a healthy cashflow position, financing and leasing equipment is on the rise.

Although, here at Scaffold Finance it’s not merely scaffolding that we can finance. We can provide funding for numerous assets including trucks, drones, and tubes all the way through to corporation tax and professional indemnity loans.

Why leasing is becoming increasingly popular within the scaffolding sector

Scaffolding companies throughout the UK are becoming more business savvy as leasing becomes far more widespread throughout the industry. Many scaffolding companies are now financing their equipment so that they can transfer their hire materials to sale. Financing your materials as opposed to hiring, works out better for your business overall as many scaffolders across the UK are discovering. By financing your payments each month your money is actually going towards an end gain- ownership. You can view it as an investment as opposed to just another expenditure of the month! Therefore, once you have paid your monthly payments in full and terminated your agreement, there is only a nominal fee to pay.

Financing allows you to get all the latest kit! Financing gives you the opportunity to stay up to date with all the newest equipment without any harm done to your cash flow. This allows your business to remain competitive.

Financing also allows you and your business to budget better, due to you being able to plan further ahead with additional costs taken care of by us. Allowing you to conserve your precious cash whilst being able to maintain and keep current lines of credit open.

A fairly obvious reason as to why many scaffolders are turning to finance is to save money! Leasing is often much cheaper than the cost of hiring equipment. So, you are essentially paying less for equipment that you actually get the option to keep!

Additionally, there are tax advantages to leasing. By using a lease rental agreement, 100% of your rental is deductible against your company’s corporation tax.

Here at Scaffold Finance, one of our main priorities is helping your business to grow and develop, therefore fulfilling new contracts is vital, which is an objective that leasing allows you to accomplish with our low, fixed, monthly payments.

Our leasing process made simple

Our simple and easy steps:

  1. Ask a supplier of your choice for a quotation giving the capital cost. Alternatively, with over 20 years’ experience of leasing to scaffolding companies we can provide an array of recommendations to you. (We know our stuff when it comes to scaffolding)
  2. We will then provide you with a FREE, no obligation leasing quote.
  3. Once you are ready to proceed, please just give us a call.
  4. We will then look to obtain a credit acceptance within 24hrs
  5. After this, a finance agreement will be emailed to you by one of our team members for you to sign and return.
  6. Once your agreement is received by us your equipment will be ordered and then delivered.
  7. Once you have confirmed the delivery of your order your payments will begin.


Our finance options are quick and easy to secure compared to your average bank loan. So give us a call today on: 01494 506 383 and we’d be happy to chat with you! Alternatively, email us on


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