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Why security equipment is a must have on site

You might not already see security equipment as a necessity for your business, but throughout this blog I will be outlining why you should take having a reliable security system in place into further consideration.

Crime prevention

The first and most obvious reason as to why you should invest in on-site security is crime deterrence. Criminals are far less likely to take the risk to cause damage, vandalise or steal from your site with a visible CCTV system in place.

Catch criminals

However, all things considered, criminals tend to be natural risk takers. So, in the case that the criminal takes the risk to break into your site regardless of the CCTV system, you are far more likely to catch the culprit with the footage from your CCTV cameras, as well as have your losses compensated for. With legitimate evidence of the offence, it can significantly speed up both the insurance and justice process.

And a silver lining to a case like this, CCTV footage of the incident can provide your team with a useful learning curve by being able to detect whereabouts the threat is located on site. Therefore, you will be able to take extra precautions to ensure diligent protection is provided in this area.

Employee safety and checks

On a construction site, with this type of work being of physical nature, accidents are inevitable. And when accidents do occur, reports need to be made.

That is why having a set of CCTV cameras that can monitor exactly what happened, and the footage can be used to take legal action if required.

Employees are much more likely to keep their behaviour in check this way. Like in any workplace, problems can arise, and things can get heated. However, your employees are less likely to let any altercations get out of hand knowing that they are being watched.

Protect your margins

When break-ins occur, they can often cause significant disruption to your income. As with vital equipment stolen this can often put a halt to the project in hand. It can take a while for reports to be made, your insurance claim to be processed and your losses to be replaced.

However, as mentioned above, a reliable and well-maintained security system on site will often deter criminals. And if this is not the case, it will make the process of tracking the culprit down and your insurance claim process much faster, especially when you have hard evidence to hand.

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Security equipment is so important for the safety of your employees and your business. But there’s no need to compromise these considerations for your cash flow. Keep your cash flowing healthily whilst keeping your employees and margins safe.  Get in contact with us for finance options on a security system for your business today. Give us a call on 01494 506 383. Alternatively, send an email to

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