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Could your Scaffolding business do with a bit of a cash flow lift? Well, have you ever considered the world of asset finance to get your cash flowing with ease? If not, it might be time to.

An increasing number of businesses are being enlightened to the benefits of asset finance and leasing, so why not start reaping in the benefits yourself?

There is an array of funding options to explore for your scaffolding business, so let’s briefly run through them…

Business Loans

Here at Scaffold Finance, we offer business loans starting at £10,000 right into the multi millions.

Business loans allow you to keep cash in your business. Thus ensuring there is always a certain amount of cash ready and available to use.

So, if your business needs to purchase new equipment but doesn’t have the time frame or resources to buy it outright, then our unsecured loans with monthly repayments would be ideal for you.

Sale and Leaseback

Sale and leaseback is a great way to raise capital against an already purchased asset, So, if you have bought a piece of equipment within the last 6 months, you may be eligible to get the invoice value of the asset back into your business. You will then be required to make more affordable monthly or quarterly repayments back to us.

Asset Finance

Asset finance is a cash-flow-friendly way of obtaining your desired equipment. This is whereby you can lease your equipment over an agreed period. This type of agreement is ideal for depreciating assets, and you can also implement a refresh cycle whereby you can always have the latest kit!

There are also a few tax advantages that you could benefit from through this type of agreement. This includes corporation tax relief as well as being able to spread the cost of the asset’s VAT over the lease period.

Hire Purchase

A hire purchase is a finance agreement type that allows you to own the equipment once the agreement period is over. This is our most popular agreement type; however, it does entail paying a balloon payment at the end of the lease period. You will also be required to pay the VAT on this asset upfront, unlike you would on a lease rental.

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Are you interested in protecting your cash flow? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to explore the best finance agreement for your needs. Give us a call on 01494 506 383, or drop an email to

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