benefits of scaffold leasing

Why does scaffold leasing pay off?

Scaffold leasing is great way to ease the pressure off your cash flow whilst also having the chance to have all the latest kit. Throughout this blog I will be going into more detail on how leasing your scaffolding equipment can benefit you and your business. You can take a look at what we can help you finance here.

Maintaining the health of your cash flow

First and foremost, the cash flow benefits of leasing is the main reason why so many businesses across the UK are turning to leasing as a way to obtain their equipment.

As a business it is important that you manage your revenue and outgoings effectively so that you are producing margin. But it is hard to do that when you have paid upfront for equipment, and it has well and truly eaten its way through a significant fraction of your cash. And should an unexpected expense pop up, your recent purchase might make it hard for you to maintain control of your cash flow.

However, by leasing your equipment instead you will have preserved your precious cash and can pay for your asset/s in manageable monthly installments. Therefore, leaving cash in the business to be used elsewhere.

Tax advantages

Not only does leasing provide cash flow benefits but you can also take advantage of significant tax benefits through this way of obtaining equipment.

Did you know that by using a lease rental agreement 100% of your rental is deductible against your company’s corporation tax?

It is also worth knowing that on rental agreements VAT is paid in monthly installments along with your asset instead of in full and upfront.

Alternative line of funding

Leasing also offers you another line funding. Meaning that you won’t have to use up any existing bank facility that you may have.

Benefit from a refresh cycle

By taking out a lease refresh cycle agreement means that you can always have the newest scaffolding tubes, boards, vans, you name it (that is once your existing agreement is over)!

Pay for your scaffolding as you use it

When you hire a new employee, you wouldn’t pay them 3 years in advance would you? So why pay for your assets this way? Leasing is a great way to spread your return on investment.

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