Assets we can finance here at Scaffold Finance

Assets we can finance here at Scaffold Finance

Here at Scaffold Finance, there is a range of assets we can finance. This includes trucks and scaffolding boards through to VAT and corporation tax loans. We assist scaffolding contractors in their leasing and financing needs, with whatever asset they are looking for. If you are unsure of what we can finance here at Scaffold Finance, where our range of assets is vast, then look no further! Below is a bit more information on some of the various assets we can finance here at Scaffold Finance.

Scaffolding tubes and boards:

Both assets are essential for any scaffolding contractor (one who is a new business or is already an established scaffolding company). Just like with most scaffolding materials, financing them is a much better alternative to paying cash for them. This is especially true for scaffolding boards as they can perish over a couple of years (depending on the job). When they are up on the job, they will be earning you money. This therefore allows the materials to pay for themselves over the 1–5-year period.


These are new pieces of equipment in the scaffolding industry, albeit many industries. However, they are quickly becoming popular with scaffolding contractors due to several factors. One of these is from a marketing perspective as it pushes the image of the equipment and work that you and your business supply to the wider public. Another factor is due to the increased ease of carrying out surveys and inspections for larger contracts.

Modular buildings:

When you walk onto a scaffolding yard nowadays, chances are their office space will be a modular building. Due to it not being a permanent structure, being able to mortgage isn’t an option, therefore financing is the next best thing. Due to the importance of them, modular buildings have always been a staple for scaffolding contractors.

Vehicle Finance:

In the Scaffolding industry, there is obviously a lot of materials that need to be transported to and from sites. This is where financing your trucks and vans comes into play. We can source you with a range of scaffolding vans from a Citroen Berlingo to a Ford Transit Connect. A scaffolding van is also just as essential as a scaffolding truck. It’s used for scaffolders to travel and load equipment. If you’re looking to finance a drop side or flatbed scaffolding truck, then look no further!

Contact Us

Here at Scaffold Finance, we can finance almost all essential assets for scaffolding businesses. If you are still unsure or want to get in touch with us about any assets we can finance, then please give us a call on 01494 506 383 and we would be happy to chat with you! Alternatively, email us on

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