Scaffold Finance hard asset financing

How can Scaffold Finance help with hard asset financing?

Here at Scaffold Finance, we can help you with hard asset financing. We are able to provide finance for a number of assets. As has often been the case, financing hard assets (vehicles, forklifts, yellow plant and cranes) is easier to get the funding accepted and at a better rate than financing soft assets (scaffolding materials and safety decking). If you would like more information on this, then please keep reading. If you have any questions, our contact details are at the bottom of this blog.


Here at Scaffold Finance, we can finance all types of vehicles for your scaffolding business. From trucks and vans we can help you with the finance needs you may have. In terms of trucks, whether you are looking to finance a drop side or flat bed truck, finance is the most cost-effective way for you. By financing, you will be able to implement a recycling type of strategy, whereby you can minimise maintenance costs. You do this by choosing a new truck and replace it at the end of each lease term. Or if you wish to own the vehicle at the end of the finance, we can do this too.

The same applies when financing scaffolding vans. Whether you are looking for a Citroen Berlingo or a Ford Transit Connect, we can help. A scaffold van is just as important as a scaffolding truck, used by scaffolding companies to travel in, load materials as well as benefit from the low running costs. If you want to keep cash in the business, then please get in touch with us to see how we can help.


Forklifts, as well as many other forms of counterbalance and aisle trucks are essential for a scaffolding company. These operating pieces of equipment are very necessary. They can be very expensive if bought outright, so spreading the cost over a 1–5-year term is the best alternative. We work with a large panel of funders so that we can offer you the best approach. When leasing from us on any hard assets it means you don’t have to use up an existing bank facility also. Using alternative funding lines is essential to the growth and success of any business.

Yellow Plant Machinery

A large part of the equipment seen on sites are yellow plant machinery. Here at Scaffold Finance we are aware that the use of yellow plant machinery, new or used, is a sign of expansion. Therefore, we can give you a decision in 24 hours, as well as offering an instant quote function. Just use our scaffolding truck leasing calculator.

Yellow plant machinery can mean the financing of several pieces of equipment which include (but aren’t limited to) forklifts, excavators, heavy lift machinery and trailers. Here at Scaffold Finance, we also provide finance for many other assets, which can be found on our assets we finance page.

A prime example

Here at Scaffold Finance, we are on hand to help you finance several of your hard assets. So far, we have helped hundreds of our clients by arranging finance for them. An example of this work can be seen below:

Asset: 2x Used Vans

Cost: £26,950.00 + VAT

Deposit: 10% + All VAT

Advance: £24,255.00

Term: 5 Years

Payment: £491.19

Flat Rate: 4.3%

Contact Us

If you would like more information on how Scaffold Finance can help with hard asset financing, then please contact us. Get in touch with Scaffold Finance for finance options on hard asset financing for your business today. Give us a call on 01494 506 383. Alternatively, send an email to

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